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Madison Wellness Center 

Your Madison student can get healthcare at our full-time Madison Wellness Center which is operated in partnership with Seattle Schools & Neighborcare Health (formerly Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Centers)–a Community Health Center serving Seattle since 1968.

The Madison Wellness Center is staffed by our school nurse, Ms. Mindy Elbaum, as well as Medical & Mental Health professionals, who provide all the services that your family doctor provides in a teen-friendly setting. For services specifically from the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner or Mental Health professional, please enroll your child by completing and signing registration, consent, and health history forms and returning them to the Madison Wellness Center. 

Pick up forms from the Madison Wellness Center or complete the registration forms online.

Vaccination update!

Due to high rate of exemptions, children are not getting required vaccinations and the overall population is at considerable risk for catching vaccine-preventable illness, like whooping cough, measles, etc. Everyone is put at risk when the percentage of non-immunized students & adults rises. Vulnerable populations, e.g., infants, immune-system compromised patients & elderly are especially in danger.

The State Legislature just passed a law requiring that all parents planning to sign an exemption first speak with a healthcare provider.

Wellness Center Services

  • Evaluation & treatment of common health problems
  • Sports physicals
  • Preventive health care
  • Reproductive health care
  • Coordination of Care with community health care providers 
  • Community & school-based referrals 
  • Issues we commonly address include: depression, stress, relationship issues, grief & loss, trauma recovery, problem-solving, working on goals, & MUCH MORE 

Students are served regardless of whether they have health insurance, and ability to pay:

  1. If a student uses  public insurance (medical coupons ) the parent or guardian will not receive a bill for any portion of the student’s services at the Madison Wellness Center. 
  2. If a student has  private insurance , claims may be submitted in order to comply with state insurance regulations.
  3. If you have  no health insurance , we would be happy to help you get signed up if you qualify. All you need to do is indicate that you have no insurance under the insurance section of the registration form. You can also call the health center anytime at 206-933-7842. For assistance in getting enrolled, please email:

*The Madison Wellness Center is operated by Neighborcare Health, a network of medical, dental & school-based clinics in Seattle with funding support from City of Seattle’s Families & Education Levy. More about Neighborcare Health SBHC.