Madison Course Descriptions

Registration information

Current 6th and 7th Graders register in the spring for the following school year.  Course descriptions are available in the main office. Talk to your parents, counselors or teachers about which classes you should consider taking next year that support your career goals enhance your interests or teach you a new skill.

Students and their families select both semesters’ courses during registration. Students will remain with the same teacher for the full year in year-long courses and have a different teacher for each semester-long course. Students should choose courses carefully as schedule changes are extremely limited and must be approved by the principal.

Incoming 6th graders’ choice is whether or not to participate in the music program. Students who are not in the music program will be assigned a 6th grade elective.

Classes will be offered based on staff availability and the number of students who request courses. Signing up for a course is not a guarantee of enrollment.

Schedule Changes

(10-day rule) Schedule changes must be completed before the end of the 10th school day of the semester. During the first week of school there will be adjustments needed in class assignments to insure classes are balanced and that students are placed in the correct course of study.

HCC Classes

Madison offers advanced learning classes. Students must have been identified through the school district’s Advanced Learning Department testing process to be enrolled in these courses. The application process is done entirely online at the Seattle School District’s website.

Madison Middle School Classes

Core Subject Classes & Requirements at Madison

core subject areas, years required, course length
Language Arts (3 years, full-year)
Mathematics (3 years, full-year)
Science (3 years, full-year)
Social Studies (3 years, full-year)
Physical Education (3 years, 1 semester each year)
Band/Orchestra (3 years available, but not required, full-year courses)
Foreign Language–Spanish or French (2 years available, full-year courses)

Elective Courses at Madison

Sixth grade electives : Communication, Art, Computer Technology, 6th Grade Study Skills, and Band/Orchestra

Seventh and Eighth grade electives (offerings are dependent upon student requests and staff availability): Personal Growth, Intro to Theatre, Marine Biology, Creative Writing, Choir, Leadership, Gateway to Technology, Art, Photography, Yearbook, French, Spanish, and Band/Orchestra