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    From the Desk of the Superintendent

    • Juneau's Journal Dec. 14

      This past weekend, I spent my Friday evening and Saturday in the most valuable way I can imagine, surrounded by a group of young scholars in grades 9-12 who comprise the superintendent’s Student Advisory Board (SAB).
    • Juneau's Journal Dec. 7

      Recently, I spoke with school leaders at this month’s Learning Leadership Day about the urgency of response when discriminatory actions occur; acknowledging the occurrence and its impact on students and families; and determining the right way to move forward in assuring safe learning environments for our young scholars.
      Instatute attendees sit together in school commons
    • Juneau's Journal Nov. 30

      This fall I launched a comprehensive Listening and Learning Tour as part of my entry plan. I met with many of you, in schools and in community. My goal was to build a longer table, inviting new voices and perspectives to the conversation and intentionally engaging with families and students the district has historically underserved. I want to thank you for welcoming me to Seattle and sharing your ideas and personal stories.
      Superintendent Juneau smiles for a photo with her name and title below
    • Juneau's Journal Nov. 16

      As the leaves change colors, the days get shorter, and the weather gets colder, we are all reminded that November is a time for expressing gratitude.
    • Juneau's Journal Nov. 9

      I would like to send a wholehearted thank you to all veterans in our Seattle Public Schools family and community, especially those who are parents, guardians, mentors, role models, and educators for our students. Seattle Public Schools is proud of its veterans and we thank you for your service.
      Leonard Young sits at his desk and smiles for a photo.
    • Juneau's Journal Nov. 2

      I'd like to honor the safe spaces being created across the district, in schools, and in classrooms. Only through relationship and understanding can we root out intolerance. During school visits this week, I witnessed students engaged in critical conversations; being exposed to new ideas and challenging their own thinking.
      Superintendent and student talk in a classroom together
    • Juneau's Journal Oct. 26

      Seattle Public Schools serves a diverse school community. We are dedicated to creating welcoming environments where each students feel safe and their differences are celebrated. Seattle Public Schools has a long history of supporting and advocating for LGBTQ students, staff, and families.

    • Juneau's Journal Oct. 19

      With about 53,000 students, Seattle Public Schools teaches not just to the student, but to the whole person. To educate the whole child, we celebrate that each student is unique; arriving to school each day with their own backgrounds, interests, strengths, and challenges.
      Pictured with Northgate Elementary Principal Dedy Fauntleroy (c.) and school nutrition superheroes Michelle Thompson (l.) and Theamanda Bekris (r.)
    • Juneau's Journal Oct 12

      The week of Oct. 8, I visited several schools including Franklin High School where I had the opportunity to meet student body representatives Ashleen and Gabi, see the amazing work at Cleveland's health center, and observe students at Washington Middle School explore college and careers during Discover U week.

      Superintendent Juneau with two students smile for a picture
    • Superintendent Juneau Listening and Learning Tour

      Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Denise Juneau is embarking on a comprehensive Listening and Learning Tour to gather an understanding of the district's strengths, challenges, and what is most important for her to consider as plans are developed for the district's future.

      Superintendent Juneau
    • Juneau's Journal Oct. 5

      Getting students to and from school is top of mind for me. Like many of you, I am frustrated that the start of school hasn’t been smooth for all of our students and families. Our students deserve timely, safe, and predictable transportation to and from school.

    • Juneau's Journal Sept. 28

      "I am so thankful for the students, families, and community partners who have taken time out of their busy schedules to meet and share their stories about Seattle Public Schools. I appreciate our community's commitment to making our schools a positive, nurturing, and rigorous learning environment for all students."
      Superintendent Juneau with Mayor Durken and Mia Williams
    • Juneau's Journal Sept 21 2018

      I am excited to share with you that applications are now open for my new Student Advisory Board. The Superintendent's Student Advisory Board will be formed of student representatives from each high school and will provide me and the district with unique perspectives, reflective of the district's diversity.
      Superintendent talks with students at a table
    • Juneau's Journal Sept 14 2018

      "This week I started my official weekly visits to the incredible schools in our district."
      Superintendent Juneau with a teacher and students in the classroom
    • Juneau's Journal Sept 7 2018

      "This week has been one of many firsts for me as the new superintendent of Seattle Public Schools." Read Superintendent's update from the first week of the 2018-19 school year.
    • Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year

      Welcome to the 2018-19 school year. I'm excited to kick off the school year as your superintendent. It's going to be a great year!

      Superintendent Juneau smiles facing the viewer
    • Message from Incoming Superintendent Juneau

      I am excited to be serving the families, students and staff of Seattle Public Schools. I truly believe that together we can make Seattle Public Schools the best public education system in the nation - providing every student the education and future they deserve.

      Headshot of Denise Juneau