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    The Bulldog BARK is Madison's school-wide expectations for student behavior. Our goal is for all students to grow as upstanding citizens this year by practicing and exhibiting the behaviors outlined in the BARK.  More information on the Bulldog BARK is located in the Student Handbook that all students received at the beginning of the year.

    When we BARK, we are:

    • Being prepared
    • Always safe
    • Respecting self and others
    • Kind all around


    In the Classroom, we BARK by...

    Being Prepared to Learn

    • Bringing materials and supplies to class
    • Being seated with materials before the bell rings
    • Starting on assigned task right away
    • Asking questions
    • Using personal devices only as permitted

    Always Being Safe

    • Keeping backpacks in lockers
    • Keeping hands, feet, and objects to ourselves always
    • Asking adults for help solving problems

    Respecting Self and Others

    • Following adult instructions the first time give
    • Using one voice at a time
    • Actively listening to each other
    • Keeping our community space clean

    Kindness is Key​

    • Using school-appropriate language
    • Giving adults the time and space to help other students manage their behavior
    • Showing support in words and actions
    • Keeping an open mind