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    Volunteering at Madison
    Posted on 09/16/2016
    Madison Front DoorWe have linked the new 2016-2017 SPS Volunteer Requirement packet here on Madison website in the school forms section or you can go directly to   These forms need to be completed annually and brought into Madison Main Office along with valid photo ID.

    Volunteers are also required to do the SPS ASM Prevention Online Training. Register and complete the training, print off the completion certificate, and attach to the volunteer requirement packet. Please note, this training only needs to be completed once. If you have completed it before, please advise us of this when you turn in your volunteer packet. The Volunteer Coordinator has access to past records and can confirm your completion date.

    Volunteers please make sure you also review the SPS Volunteer Handbook annually. You can find this on the SPS volunteer link above.

    The above requirements need to be completed and turned into the Madison Main Office 5 days prior to volunteer event. This allows the volunteer coordinator time clear all paperwork. Additional forms may be required based upon the volunteer event.

    Note: There are printed forms available for volunteers in Madison main office. Volunteers can also have access to a library computer/printer to register and complete the SPS ASM Prevention Online Training.

    All packets and background checks have to be Madison specific.

    If you have any questions you may contact Lora Bunch, Madison Volunteer Coordinator