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    Tel: 206-252-0948

    Gail T. Morris

    Jenny Miller
    Liaison K-5

    Richard Summers
    Liaison 6-12

    Uti Yamassee Hawkins
    Title 1 Consulting
    NW/SW Regions

    Georgina Badoni
    Title 1
    Consulting Teacher
    NE/SE Regions

    Adriel Foxley
    Family Support Worker

    Boo Balkan Foster
    Šǝqačib Classroom
    Teacher Chief Sealth HS
    /Denny MS

    Ben Hoyrup
    Šǝqačib Classroom
    Instructional Assistant

    Gail T. Morris, Native American Education Program Manager

    Gail T. Morris, is NuuChahNulth FN, Ahousat Band.  She started her career as the Title Vll Coordinator in the Edmonds School District #15 for six years and taught 5th grade for her practicum.  She also worked for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe at the Muckleshoot Tribal School where she taught fourth grade for four years.  Here she was on the Leadership Team, Accreditation Team, PLC Leadership Team,Instructional Team Leader grades 3-5, Since Time Immemorial Tribal Sovereignty Curriculum Trainer, Culture and Language Leadership Team,and Middle School Co-ed Soccer Team Coach.  Gail also worked at the Muckleshoot Tribal College as the Muckleshoot Occupational Skills Training (MOST) Instructor.  She also participates in Tribal Journeys and travels with her canoe family on Vancouver Island, BC, and her adopted tribe Muckleshoot and their canoe family.

    Boo Balkan Foster, Huchoosedah Certificated HS Teacher

    While in graduate school Boo was recruited by Seattle Public Schools.  She has been an educator for Seattle Schools for over two decades.  She is currently partnering with Chief Sealth International High School and Denny International Middle School as the classroom teacher for Title VII/Huchoosedah’s, Native American Education Program.  Huchoosedah is excited about this partnership and Boo is honored to do the work. She is passionate
    about her students and believes in the art of teaching and the trans formative power of education. Boo ensures  Identity Safety in her classes and promotes a commitment to academic excellence

    Adriel Foxley - Huchoosedah Native American Family Support Worker

    I am descendant Seminole Nation of Oklahoma. I have had the privilege to work with multiple families in the SE Region, SW Region, Central Region,and NW Region of SPS I have helped a number of our high school students who were at risk of dropping out enroll at Interagency Academy that Seattle Public Schools in collaboration with some non-profit organizations offers. This is a fantastic programs that caters to all student’s needs and encourages them every step of that way. If anyone knows or runs in to a family that is in need of support please get a hold of me and I will try to assist them in any way possible. My email is, office phone is 206-252-9757, and my cell 253-350-1400 that is the best way to get in contact with me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve our community.​

    Huchoosedah I.A., K-5 Liaison, Jenny Miller~Aleut

    It has been a pleasure visiting new and returning native students and their families in the West Seattle, Magnolia and Queen Anne region. This year is off to a fantastic start and I am excited about the work and advocacy that we accomplished this month. We are hitting the ground running and making powerful impacts for our families. As we work together with our community providing services, I feel this will be our best year yet. I am looking forward to our community events and feel blessed by the renewed support and growth of our programs. Administration, teachers, community members and parents are actively engaged for student success. I am thankful for you. Contact me at

    Richard Summers - Huchoosedah I.A., Secondary Liaison

    My name is Richard Summers and I’m a fairly recent hire for our Huchoosedah program. I’m Kaigani Haida (Eagle/Frog) with my family coming from Prince of Wales Island-Hydaburg, Alaska. This year I’ll be working exclusively with 6th through 12th grades as the Native Ed. Secondary Liaison. Being born in Seattle and raised through the Seattle Public School system, I believe I’m a good fit to help our Native students who may be struggling with academics and attendance because I’ve been there myself. Many of our students past and present haven’t had anyone to check up on them, help them find tutoring help, advise them on college or just let them know that it’s alright to fall down as long as we get back up again. I’m so thankful for this position because it gives me an opportunity to be that person, and make that difference. In 2002 I graduated from Cleveland High School and shortly after joined the United States Marine Corps. For four years I served in the U.S. and abroad as a Field Radio Operator with Marine Wing Communication Squadron-28. After the service I enrolled at North Seattle College and then transferred to the UW and majored in American Indian Studies. Along the way I’ve worked with youth for AmeriCorps, Seattle Parks and Rec, Denise Louie Education Center and the Seattle Indian Health Board. Native students drop out at higher rates than any others in the country which is unacceptable; I look forward to changing that.