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    13 Reasons Why
    Posted on 05/17/2017
    13 Reasons Why

    On Thursday, June 1st Madison Middle School will be hosting an evening event  to discuss the NETFLIX original series 13 Reasons Why and the topic of suicide/self-harm. We will be providing information on community resources.

    We know that summer is approaching. Some of our students may have more unstructured time without the daily supports of the school. Some concerned parents and students brought to our attention that some of our students are watching 13 Reasons Why without adult supervision. The NETFLIX series is based on the young adult book of the same name by Jay Asher. The story chronicles the thirteen reasons a young woman has for committing suicide. There are graphic scenes depicting suicide and other adult content in the show. Its online availability makes it possible for students to engage in this complex subject matter without guidance.  

    The show addresses serious issues that are difficult to talk about and may not be appropriate for your family. We want to be a resource and partner for all of our families. Below are links to two suicide prevention organizations and a blog post geared towards teens, entitled “13 things teens should know before watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix”. Each website has talking points for families to use when discussing the series and the topic of suicide.   

    Please contact Ms. Lyons at to RSVP if you are able to join us on Thursday, June 1st from 6:30 to 8:00. If specific concerns or questions come up please contact our head counselor, Ms. Quigley, at (blog post geared towards teens)